Friday, October 16, 2009

Who's cold? Me

Sally Morrigan's post is the inspiration behind tonights post.

Hurry up summer! I am sick of:

  • Being cold all the time
  • All my winter clothes (I refuse to buy more)
  • Forgetting to turn on my electric blanket and getting in to a stone cold bed (Ahh!)
  • Having to heat up a wheat bag to keep on my lap at work to keep from freezing (Though this is nothing to do with the weather... My office is freezing all year round)
  • Eating too much (I'm always hungry if I'm cold!)

The only benefit of the extended cold - the gloves that I finally finished last night wont have to wait till next winter. Will post a photo of them tomorrow - I'm SUPER proud of them! Now I need to figure out how to write out the pattern.

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