Wednesday, September 30, 2009

David Bromley Paintings & Objects exhibition

I’m lucky enough to work quite close to the Hill Smith Gallery on Pirie St in Adelaide. Though I don’t go as often as I’d like to today I dropped in to see the David Bromley Paintings & Objects exhibition. I’m no art reviewer so I won’t even try... I do know thought that I really like David’s work and that some of the other pieces that he collected were really beautiful.

If I had a money tree I would have bought the tin toy plane (artist unknown) and I would love to own one of the David’s bronze statues.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Udderly Lovely!

It's my lovely friend Angela's birthday today so I made her an Udderly Lovely Cow from Meet me at Mike's

Ange has named him Neville. Neville likes scones with jam and cream and a cup of tea. He's a little bit wonky but that just makes him more special.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Masked Matryoshka

Who is that masked beauty!

It's Grace's Birthday Matryoshka!

Happy Birthday Grace! Hope the masquerade party is lots of fun. x

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shrinky Dinks

Oh boy I might have found a new addiction! I picked up two packets of Shrinky Dinks platic from eBay the other day after seeing the love things that Tracey had made.

It's so much fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creative Space = Kitchen Table

My creative space tonight is the kitchen table and I'm making an Apple Pincushion from the pattern and kit I picked up from Craftapalooza.

My husband doesn't get why I craft here and not in the sewing room. See I've managed to fill up the sewing room with too much stash and now there is no room for doing things. Plus there are not enough hours in the day for me to craft and have a tidy sewing room so something had to give.
See other creative spaces here

Mum's here this weekend from Canberra which is lovely. Those of you wondering why she hasn't been posting - Well I borrowed her camera but will be giving it back tomorrow (mine is fixed!) so hopefully she'll be sharing all her new creations soon.
Mum returned with the most lovely brooch for me!

The pattern is from here. I guess it's a bit naughty of me to share Mum's craft but I can't help it - it's too cute!
Friday tomorrow - Fantastic!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweetheart for Hattie

My cousin in the UK had a baby girl a few weeks ago so I'm trying out the Sweetheart Softie to send as a gift.

Here are the pieces cut out - I'm not sure about the purple felt on purple fabric?

I also finished another sofie during the week. A Matryoshka Doll for my dear friend Sophie who lives in London. It's her birthday Monday so the gift wont make it to her in time but still that just means the birthday celebrations last longer.

Best be off now - It's my husband's birthday on Monday and he's declared this weekend all about him! Tomorrow is drinks with friends then we both have Monday off too. We are going to Maggie Beers in Tanunda for a picnic - Yum!

Cherry x

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Cate - What a dress!

What a dress! Now I really want to get crocheting - Go Cate x

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super cute tote

It's past my bed time and I'll suffer tomorrow getting out of bed but I just had to share my new bag with you.

Lazy ol' me even did some pinning!

G'night x

Will I ever learn...

Last night I decided that at 9:30pm I still had enough energy for some craft time so I decided to cut out the pattern for the Super Cute Tote by Jennie McClelland in Meet Me at Mike's

In true 'Cherry' style.. gulp... I'm a little lazy... I cut the pattern out and then decided there was no need to pin anything to fabric.. If I just held the pattern down I could cut slowly around. This is even more ridiculous as the pins were two steps away... I was lucky this time as it worked out...

HOWEVER.. When I turned the fabric over to the right side I realised I'd cut my beautiful Aunty Cookie Knit One fabric with the writing going the wrong way one the bag. When will I ever learn to slow down! Honestly, I'm forever doing things like this and so far in 28 years I've never learnt.

I did the same thing with the pattern for the Seahorse softie I made. First I cut out the pattern then I read the instruction and the first one was... Do not cut out the paper pattern. Trace the pattern on to pattern paper... Oh well

I'll keep going with the bag and use it as a reminder to slow down...

Cherry x

ps - Adelaide Brown Owls - the next meeting has been posted - get the details here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need a laugh?

Ah sometimes a good laugh can make you feel so much better. I had tears from laughing so hard at this video! We watch a lot of BBC doco at our house - never have they been this funny.

Hope you had a good laugh too!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Saturday on Brunswick St

A friend and I headed to Melbourne last weekend and spent the most glorious day shopping on Brunswick st, Gertrude St and Smith St.

We had Lunch at the Vegie Bar - The raspberry lassi was so yummy!

We met Pip & Cam at Meet me at Mike's and bought this brooch.
We wandered around the Rose St Artist Market where I bought (another) brooch. Check out Linogirl for other lovely things.
We scored a bargain at the Alannah Hill factory outlet!

We searched for lost treasures at Lost & Found! Found these beauties - perfect for the masquerade party next weekend!
We explored the in.cub8or!
And I found the perfect addition to my new tea towel collection -For someone that's lived in London this is perfect. I might even hang it on the wall!
We walked and walked and walked but it was all worth it!
Thanks to all those that provided suggestions for our weekend.
Cherry x

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Redwork complete!

My redwork for the Quilt Project is complete and will be in the post to Kristy tomorrow! Overall it's been a wonderful experience. Considering this is my first (ever) attempt at embroidery I'm quite proud of my achievement.

I'm off to Melbourne with a friend on the weekend. The plan is to visit Meet Me At Mikes, Lost & Found, Shakahari, Incube8r and may of the other suggestions here. So excited!

Cherry x

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stitched Toys

When it comes to craft books I just can't help myself. Plus it makes a work day far more exciting when the postie delivers you a present!

On Monday I oredered Stitched Toys. Anyone else have this book?

Thank goodness Mum's back in Adelaide this week - my camera is still broken so I can't show any of my current projects. I'll be packing a BIG bag of things to take to Brown Owls tomorrow so that I can make use of the camera for future posts.

Sewing for Summer

Burdastyle is a new site for me - I have downloaded my first free pattern (see photo). The designer was new to it too so her pattern needed a little help (but fab for first try). It is a sleeveless top with gathering and yoke neckline - neat at the waist then flairs out - I am quite excited about trying out this pattern with some of my vintage fabric - I will keep you updated. Remember to always check sizing - I will be adding 1.5 cms for this pattern - although it says seam allowance included - I will post a picture of the finished top

Flowers are blooming

I am back to making flowers - i think it is all that spring blosson - and the desire to add colour to my outfits - this time I'm knitting from Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers - so quick and simple I love it - I just sat in front of the tv the other night - knitting a flower and turning the page to see what was next - lovely - my current one has individual petals - that is tonights project - back to Adelaide tomorrow and looking forward to Brown Owls tomorrow night yah !!!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Collecting and cooking

Saturday afternoon in Canberra - Spring flowers from a beautiful walk in the sun and afternoon tea with scones
My fabulous collection of fabric (stitches and craft show - Amitie and Catharina's Country Collection- antique and vintage fair in Adelaide My newest buttons given to me by my dear Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Lucy for your tiffin recipe it's delicious - I used roasted almonds in this batch

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Crafty Hermit

Yes I have been crafting away and forgetting about sharing - Cherry was just about to send a hurry up blog - and one of my dear friends called Cherry to see if I was alright (thanks Marc xx) Well I guess the truth is I am process driven and not product driven so often my end products end up in charity shops (well the ones i'm not that happy with) or are given as gifts (the ones i like and want to share) mmmm I think my age is letting me down here with my excuses - blogging is still not coming naturally as a part of my day - mmmm another excuse - i just dont have routines - Cherry says - just photograph Mum - well what ever I write I'm sure some of have been there at some time so here's some of the things I made
- little gifts for Cherry when I met her in Sydney
Here I am half way through making a cover for my laptop - Fabric wrapped over thick plastic

As you can tell from Cherry's previous blogs we have had some great fun out and about at the Paddington Market, down William st (they had a street party), the Sydney Stitches and Craft fair and at the Powerehouse museum seeing the coral - see Cherry's previous blogs for more info.
I came back with head full of ideas and was confronted with the numerous projects unfinished - I have been plodding through a crochet project - third time lucky I hope - it is a crocheted cardigan - that is made from the neck down - you can determine the length of the sleeves and the cardigan by the amount of wool you have - its a beauty but I just had to get the size right - my advice - do exactly as the pattern says - dont assume you know better - see Michelle's Chevron Lace Cardigan (scroll down her blog to see the finished cardigan ) - I'm making mine with 3/4 sleeves. I shall post a photo of mine asap.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Samantha Robinson - Divine!

Everyone knows that a cup of tea can cure almost any blue day but imagine if the cup of tea was in one of these divine cups! Well that would get me grinning from ear to ear.

When I was in Sydney recently I visited Samantha Robinson's stall at Paddington Markets and was completely in love with the entire collection! In the end I walked away with two cups, ones similar to the ones in the centre of the photo. I would love to have bought more but I was worried about breaking them in my luggage. Just looking at the picture I want more...

At the markets Mum and I also got to meet fellow Brown Owls Amy, Jess and Jemma. Was so lovely to meet the ladies behind the blogs we've read and swap stories about each of the Owl groups.