Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Place & Yours Blog HQ

My blogging happens in two places, the kitchen table and... at work (during lunch breaks of course!).

A photo of work would hardly be interesting so I thought I'd post a photo of the kitchen table. I wish it were as pretty as some of the other blog HQs I've looked at today. Mine is more a practical space.
There are a few interesting things on the table, snippets of current projects:

The pattern for the owl softie I'm going to make for Mirabel
The next Ruby Doll for a friends daughter (also called Ruby)
The 2 letters I received as part of the MMAM Penpal swap
The first 2 mattresses for my Princess and the Pea crochet project for Knitting Nancys

Actually - considering the photo wasn't set up it's a cute little picture - just bad lighting.. sorry...

See other Blog HQs hosted at Pips. Thanks to Ninon for the theme.


  1. I'm a kitchen table blogger too. I am a bit intrigued at the Princess and the pea crochet project. I'd love to hear more. Have you blogged about it anywhere before. X

  2. Oh man... don't even mention the Nancy project. I really need to get a wriggle on. The matresses look cute. Let's sort out the exhibition blog soon :) ps: we bought some rexona today hehe

  3. Oh Princess and the Pea, huh? That DOES sound good! Tell us more when you can!

    Ruby dolls are so lovely, I think, so GO YOU on the Ruby doll front! And how nice was the penpal swap?! So lovely to get a friendly letter in the post.

    I think you took a super dooper cute photo, Cherry! xx

  4. I'm a kitchen table blogger too - you've inspired me to take a pic and participate! I haven't used your pincushion yet, but it's calling me...