Monday, October 12, 2009

Some new finds

Thought I'd share some new links that have been bookmarked recently.

Knock Knock - They make super fun stationary! I especially like these - How excellent! Link discovered via Frankie newsletter

My parents were awsome tumblr- I've got pictures of my folks that I'm going to submit - I think they are awesome enough to get a spot. Also via Frankie!

Myrtle & Eunice blog - love her writing style - so honest and welcoming - esp love this post. Found via Kootoyo

Another new read for me, Chez Beeper Bebe - thanks to for adding the link to her blog role.
Finally - a major source of crochet inspiration at Attic 24. A sample of her work from flickr is below - WOW!
After looking at her photos all I want for Christmas is yarn in all the colours of the rainbow!

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  1. great new blogs for me to explore. Nice one! :)