Friday, October 30, 2009

John Brack

Mum and I spent lunchtime at the art gallery today. We went to see the John Brack exhibition. It was wonderful.

Below are two of my favourites.

Latin American grand final, 1969 was stunning. The floor looks so polished. I love that you can see the dancers toe tucked behind her leg and then happy smiling faces. Plus oh the colours... so beautiful!
The new house, 1953 gives off such a warm happy feeling. You can’t see from the picture but the wife has stars in her eyes. They look so in love. Mum and I talked about why the time on the clock is 1:30. Has her love come home for lunch? Surely it isn’t the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps it’s a Sunday and they are home from Church? That might explain the suit.

Mum was sweet and bought me the book that went with the exhibition. I’m really looking forward to looking at all the paintings all over again.


  1. Hi, love the paintings - thanks for sharing!
    Just to let you know you're a winner!! You have won the large buttons on my giveaway. If you send me your address ( I will post them! x

  2. Oh, I'm so looking forward to the Brack exhibiton! I think I'll buy a 'season' ticket so I can keep going back!

    Carolyn x