Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Busy Saturday

Today has been a busy day. It started in town at 9am with a quick look around the shops in town. I have a $100 DJ voucher from work - a reward for 3 years service. I couldn't find anything I really wanted so the voucher is back in the purse for later.

Next stop was the Bowerbird Bazaar with Tracey, Sherri and Pippa. It was fantastic! So great to see something like this in Adelaide. Fingers crossed they have more! Other Brown Owls were spotted too - Linda from Delilha Divine had a stall and Donna was amoung the happy shoppers. Below is a photo of the Delilah Divine stall where I bought the most lovely brooch.
I also couldn't help but by a necklace from Naomi - her work is just so beautiful. Even better is that she is now working her pieces is sterling silver. Beautiful!

This afternoon I cleaned up my sewing/craft room. About time MrG would say! He took a photo of me amid the chaos.The end result - 'Look Mum, It's all neat and tidy'


  1. Looks fabulous darling - the necklace is stunning - what a good day you have had xxxx

  2. So the big question.... does it still look like the photo? (and I mean the second photo, not the first!!!)