Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Place & Yours :: Bedside

Pip's hosting 'My place & yours' and this weeks theme choosen by Pottymouthmama is Bedside. Here is mine. Yes - there is a lot of books... Of the pile there I'm half way through:
  • Jane Eyre
  • The Ringmasters Daughter
  • New of a Kidnapping
  • Chasing Harry Winston
  • The Partisan's Daughter
  • Alex Kava (3 books in one - I've read 1 1/2)
Why have I started so many? Good question - I guess it depends how much hold a book has on me. I don't tend to be very loyal when it comes to reading but of the list above I do want to finish all of them - someday. Hmm except for The Partisan's Daughter - that one doesn't seem to suit me.

I've read The Time Traveler's Wife twice (so fantastic!) and always enjoy Tess Gerritsen medical thrillers (see Harvest).

The ballerina statue is from the Courtauld Gallery in London. My parents bought it for me when they came to visit MrG and I while we were living in London. She's a copy of a Degas' dancer. I was lucky enough to see the original in the gallery during our time in London - They are so very beautiful.
The two photos are MrG and I (I'm giving him a big smooch) and my parents.

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  1. What a great variety of books to read ... and I checked out the Quilt Project earlier too. Well done on your contribution.

  2. it seems most if us LOVE our stash of books!..i'm a bit like you if it's too slow & boring then i put it to the bottom of the pile & pick up the next one..eventually i do get back to reading it though

  3. Lots of lovely books, yay! Love the ballerina and the story behind her xo

  4. Hi ya, gee there are alot of books there, I never get around to reading these days. Just to let me know I have posted the Christmas Swap on my blog.

  5. I so love the Book Jane Eyre!Love the Ballerina figurine too

  6. Ah Jane Eyre! But I especially LOVE the smoochy photo! Adorable and sweet. Your bedside is so NEAT too! xxx