Friday, September 17, 2010

Cedric Nicholas

On the 11th of Sept we welcomed Cedric Nicholas in to our lives. Born at 5:21 in the afternoon weighing 6lbl 10 and a picture of perfectness.

I almost have no words to describe how amazing it was and is.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Well it seems that even my bank knows what today is...
Although it's in the back of my mind I'm not dwelling on it. In fact Mr G and I have decided to go to lunch together to celebrate.

While waiting for lunch time to roll around I made this pencil case to hold all those random pens and pencils that seem to gather on the tray on top of the microwave. It's been years since I put a zip in anything and I'm impressed I even remembered how to do it.
Next two jobs are to make reversible bags out of these fabrics. The floral below was found at the Way We Wear Fair last weekend. A score! 4.5 m of seersucker for $45. They lady that sold it to me said it was 1950's but I'm wondering if it's older than that.
The fabrics below were salvaged from Vinnies a few weeks ago - massive pieces for only $2 each. Sometimes it's amazing what you find when you have time to look!
Will post up the bags when they are done.

Checkers for Fathers Day

Thought I should share what I made my dear old Pa for Fathers Day this year. A checkers board with covered buttons as the pieces.
When we finally agreed on the rules everyone took turns to have a game with Dad. Mum and I both lost but I decided that was the best thing to do on Fathers Day. My brother however wiped the floor with Dad! Oh well - better luck next time Pa.