Sunday, August 02, 2009

Finally a glove!

For a few years now I have wanted to crochet a pair of fingerless gloves. I found a lovely pattern in the Happy Hooker a while back but was very frustrated that I could never figure out much past row 3...

Then a few month ago - it hit me! It's a US book which means a single crochet is a double crochet (not a uk single crochet!) Of course, how silly was I! With renewed confidence I finished a glove but when I joined the seams I realised it was way too big.

I wasn't ready to give up again so I tried to remove some rows here and there and took some chains of the end - this worked and I did end up with a smaller glove but in my excitement to finish the project I forgot to keep a track of the rows I'd removed. This made it a little tricky to make the other glove...

With the second glove careful to write down every stitch but couldn't get it 100% like the first. When I finally finished something that was close enough and stitched up the seam it had a twist in the glove that made the lace pattern pull. Hmmm...

The next morning I was putting on my mimco gloves to walk to work when lightening hit (again)! The thumb of the glove needs to be on the palm... not out to the side! Hurrah!

So with this knowledge I made my own pattern, simple double crochets and a thumb on the palm. I'm so proud of myself for working out how to stitch the thumb. Of course I was still too excited to write the pattern down as I go but I'll keep this one glove as my base. For my next glove I'm going to try 4ply sock wool. Who knows... maybe I'll even end up with a pair of gloves one day!

Cherry x

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