Sunday, August 30, 2009

Newest Crafty Magazine

Those that come to Brown Owls in Adelaide know already that I have a 'tiny' addiction to craft magazine. Frankie, Mix Tape, Peppermint and Hello! World Sweet World are all a must!

The newest one though is Parasol:Craft by a print a day... Fantastic.

Get your copy here, enjoy x


  1. another good one....Oh dear, oh dear.... I too have subscription problems as u know... and this I percieve... this is just not a good thing *sigh*

  2. Hey there! My name is Jessy, I found your blog via the Meet Me at Mikes forum! I would love to join in with the Adelaide Brown Owls at the next meet, would that be possible?
    I am in love with Frankie magazine, and am yet to discover the other ones, will definitely keep a look out next time I am at the newsagent!