Friday, August 14, 2009

Fancy free for 48hrs!

Ah I am so glad it is Friday! 48 hours to to what ever I fancy!

Tomorrow I have two friends coming over for craftanoon tea. Ange is finishing of some baby shoes and Susan is going to help me improve my embroidery skills - she's really good and I need help if I'm going to complete my square for the Quilt Project in time.

Here is the latest photo of my work. I'm not convinced that my satin stitch is very good but I'm following the advice of stabbing rather than scooping. I'm certainly enjoying the embroidery. Have also noticed red floss turning up all over the house. It must attach itself to my clothing and then drops off in random spots.

Have a lovely weekend

1 comment:

  1. It's looking fantastic Cherry! I think some embroidery is next on my list after I finish a crochet cardi for my little miss. VERY jealous of you having 48hrs craft time..... that sounds like bliss.