Friday, August 07, 2009

Crafting in Canberra

Canberra certainly has the right weather for crafting - you just feel like staying in doors with lots of cups of tea. When I venture out I have had fun looking around markets, gathering ideas and going to op shops.

I finished my scarf - I reworked the edging - reduced the length - changed cool grey to a warm grey and it made all the difference - I have the pattern for the scarf if you are interested - the flower and the edging are all the same pattern very simple.

I added pearl buttons and some sparkle buttons just for a bit of glitz.

I made some bedsocks from an old jumper.. I used the rib edging of the sleeves and the hem for the top of the socks - I got 3 pairs from the one jumper - I have photos and a pattern if you would like to know more - they are sooo warm

mmmmm what else have I made - well a bit boring but I needed one - washing bag for my bras - I know I can hear you all going OMG - well - sorry but I hate wasting money on things like that when I could be picking up some buttons or something else - here goes - I have photos and a pattern for this also - my design worked well in the wash (button attached to elastic) - the only thing I will do next time is make the netting stronger -

I am on a roll so I will be posting again soon . Remember if you would like any information on the construction of any projects just let me know.



  1. The scarf is beautiful! Oh and I love the socks too - those colours are wonderful together.

  2. Hi its Marcia! on Tom's acnt. I love the scarf and would like to give it a try.If you want a knit challenge check out the pattern for a doctor's/weekender type bag in a knitting book;"Knit 2 Together"by Tracey Ullman.Sounds like Canberra in winter agrees with you!

  3. Hi Marcia, Nice to hear from you - i'm not working at the moment I think that agrees with me :)
    The scarf's nice isn't it - like wearing warm jewellery - i'll get the pattern to you - thanks for the weekender bag idea - i will look out for it x