Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's Where I'm Up To..

Making: plans for the trip to Sydney this weekend
Cooking: actually - I'm not making dinner tonight - It's Nick's turn.
Drinking: water - just back from the gym.. My poor barbie arms are very sore.
Reading: I've just started News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and just finished The Time Travellers Wife (for the second timee, it's still the best book ever... really!)
Wanting: my foot to stop hurting - I've pulled a muscle..
Looking: forward to going to the Stitches and Craft show on Sunday
Sewing: nothing at the moment but the list of to be sewn is long indeed - 1st on the list is a birthday present for Sophie.
Wishing: my mother in law a Happy Birthday (for tomorrow)
Waiting: for dinner
Liking: the idea of a Stash Swap at the next Brown Owls
Wondering: if I'll ever get around to planting the sweet peas that I've been thinking about planting for a year now...
Loving: Elisa Mazzone's artwork. I bought this piece at an exhibition and it looks wonderful on my wall. only trouble is now... I want another one.
Hoping: my foot isn't still sore for the trip to Sydney
Marvelling: at how lovely my little niece is - cute as a button!
Needing: to figure out what to get Nick for his birthday... Why are men so hard to buy for!
Smelling: dinner cooking
Wearing: Peter Alexander PJs
Noticing: that it's Tuesday night already, tomorrows the half way point - how wonderful!
Knowing: that my arms are going to be very sore from the gym tomorrow
Thinking: that United States of Tara is a very good show.
Feeling: Happy!

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