Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Days go by

On Saturday we decided to head to the coast - Batemans Bay via Braidwood - It was a beautiful day and lovely scenery. We eventually hit the beach at around 1.30 - it was a delightful little bay and we found a sunny spot just out of the breeze - oh heaven - warmth - sun - lapping of the waves and our delicious picnic lunch - couldn't help taking a picture of our dessert - cherry, almond and chocolate tart and orange brulee ( From Silo in Kingston ) mmmmmmmm and then an afternoon snooze.

I finished the box for my paperwork and cards today. Its a little rough for my first try but I am very happy with the design - particularly my divider and the outer pocket for the cards I collect - I may even put more pockets on the outside !

This is my favourite cochet pattern at the moment- its called slanting diamonds. - very easy a one row pattern. I think i will make it into a cardigan

Let me know if you want more info Cathy x


  1. Love the crochet pattern, can you post the details? Oh and the box is awesome too! You're so clever x

  2. Thanks honey - the pattern is sooo easy x

  3. Slanting diamonds
    multipl of 4 stitches
    start witha multiplt of 4 stitches plus5 extra
    Foundation row
    3 tr into 5th chain from hook, *miss 3 chain,(1dc, 3 ch and 3 tr)into next ch,1dc in to last ch, turn
    Row 1 4ch, 3tr into 4th chfrom hook,*miss(1dc and 3 tr)**, (1dc, 3ch and 3tr) into next ch sp, repfrom * to end, endinglast rep at **, 1dc into last chsp, turn
    This row forms the pattern

  4. This is lovey Cherry and what a gorgeous colour...hugs Khris