Sunday, August 09, 2009

To market, to market...

Just got back from the Rose Park Child and Baby Market. Today was the first market and it was lovely. I went early to beat the crowd and even still there were lots of shoppers.

Gillian, a fellow brown owl, had a lovely stall where I bought this dress for my niece.

Also met Shannon who has a blog dedicated to one of my favourite accessories - Brooches! You can check her blog here, broochthesubject. Shannon's blog has a fab post all about Naomi Murrell's brooches and jewellery. I love Naomi's work, plus I was lucky enough to have Naomi design my wedding stationary too.

Cherry x


  1. the dress is so sweet - olivia will grow into it in no time

  2. Just checked out Shannon's brooch blog and i agree - how fantastic! Broocherama!!!!! Cherry and Cathy I just added this beautiful blog to my blog list. I love that your both doing this together. Byeeee xTrace

  3. Cute dress indeed! P.S You didn't tell me your blog is live now! Sneaky thing.