Friday, July 31, 2009

sew and sew

Well ! I think I am over knitting - just for a few hours anyway - doesn't it drive you nuts when you realise that that perfect colour you bought in the shop doesn't look so great at home and you are more than half way through the project- I know I will rework it -

Anyway there is nothing like sewing something or even just thinking about it - gloating over beautiful fabrics at tessuti then stunning vogue patterns

I got the patterns I ordered last week ( they were only $4.95 at the time so i couldn't resist ordering a bunch) - my interest started after looking at - it shows some of the patterns made up and they talk about changes they make to the pattern - this is so important as I always find I slightly change patterns

I love looking at the vintage patterns too and think about using the vintage fabric ohhh cant wait for summer - or at least warmer weather -

Back to the scarf - here it is so far -I guess I could always turn it in to a hat!!!


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