Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer is coming

Wasn't it a beautiful day yeasterday - 27 in August! So beautiful infact that decided it was time to get the thongs out!

Yesterday I:
  • Walked in to town
  • Shopped in the Mall
  • Ate pancakes cooked by my brother (he's very good at them)
  • Helped to choose a birthday present (shhh...)
  • Learnt to do Lazy Daisys and French Knots Thanks Susan!
  • Read Frankie in the sunshine
  • Cooked Lemon Chicken and Fried Rice
  • Helped Ange with the cutest ever baby knickers from Meet me at Mikes
  • Watched Coraline in 3D really good!
Red Berries on my walk

Parkland in the sunshine

It was a very good day!


  1. It was indeed a gorgeous day and I opted to do exciting tasks such as three loads of washing and several hours of gardening! At least the gardening will pay off when we are eating tasty organic veggies later on in the year.

  2. sounds like a beautiful day - love the idea of thongs - still in boots and wool socks in canberra but at least the sun was out and we rode bikes and actually got hot for a minute !!!

  3. I saw Coraline (not 3D though) at Semaphore Odeon. Povvo $7 hehe. I loved it.. super dark but fantastical.