Monday, August 10, 2009

The luxury of time

I am not working at the moment and what a luxury it is to wake up and think mmmm what will i do today ( I think my daughter is quite envious) it will gradually end (beginning part time next week and will go back to full time next year) but I am making the most of it now.
My latest project was a very needed pin cushion. The covered button in the centre was made from a doily.
The next project was a cushion cover. I used fabric from Ikea (great quality cottons)- it was a large pattern so i cut it up into squares -machine wool embroidered extra colour and put it together as a patch work -

The next little project was felted beads. I have been making these for awhile with wool roving - then I experimented with wool scraps which worked beautifully - especially after I made some pom poms (later about those little hand made gems) this time i decided to try just a lenghth of wool - yeh it worked beautifully - even quicker than before - you unwind about 180cms wool -grab it into a very loose bundle and start to needle felt it - you will have bead before you know it - I am making a necklace - will show you the finished product when done - here's a photo to give you an idea
I have loads more pictures and am very happy to give more information on any project. happy days Cathy

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