Sunday, November 29, 2009

A surprise wedding present

Last night MrG and I hosted or first 'real' dinner party. We've had people over for dinner many many times but it's never felt like a real dinner party. This time though it certainly did. The guest list was Mum & Dad, good friends of the family Penny and Tony and my brother and his girl friend.

I'd been planning the meal for a few weeks now and it was a big success! I served rack of lamb with handmade spinach gnocchi and tomato and basil sauce. I did take cooking photos but in the haste to serve the meals forgot to take a photo of the finished plate... Ops!

The most exciting part of the night though was the surprise extra wedding present that Tony and Penny gave us. They did give us a beautiful Jamie Oliver saucepan on the day but Penny decided this was a bit uninspired so the next day bought us this Royal Albert plate. I LOVE IT!


  1. Congratulations on a successfull dinner party. It sounds like it was pretty fancy! Fancy things are always the best i think. That food looks ultra yummy :)

  2. A stunning plate - a family heirloom xxx
    and yes the food was amazing !!!!