Monday, November 16, 2009

reversible skirt - two for the price of one

I just love the idea of reversible clothing - I bought this pattern by Betty Kingston and made it up last week - I have worn it non-stop - I just flipped it to black when I went out to see a local band the other night. The red and black fabric has a very fine stripe and the edging is some lovely japanese fabric I bought through Tessuti. The black skirt has side pockets and little covered buttons and the red skirt has the little square pocket and feature bows. I also bought a vintage Vogue dress and reversible coat pattern (I will make the dress first but may tackle the coat as we move out of warmer weather).


  1. Ooh Tessuti fabric. Expensive but lovely. :) I deliberately steered clear of their store during my recent trip to Sydney (to preserve my bank balance) but as you've shown their fabric can be used to beautiful effect. And I love reversible clothing too - it's like you are getting two garments for the price/effort of one.

  2. Wow I love it! Next time you are here we need to do some sewing lessons. I've lost all my confidence..

  3. This/these skirt/s are absolutely brilliant - you clever lady!! x