Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In search of other creative inspiration or 'Mum I need help'

Unlike Mum, whose been making some lovely things, I’ve had some bad luck with sewing lately and it’s kind of crushed my creative inspiration.

Last night’s disaster was washing the La Fleur playmat that I have made for my niece.... the felt face shrunk in the cold water! Grr! I avoided temptation to throw the shrivelled mess in the bin and set to work unpicking all the quilting on the face (cheeks, face, eyes) and have managed to save the rest of the mat. I’ll buy new wadding today and fix it up over the weekend. Oh what a day!

I’m leaving the sewing until Mum’s back in Adelaide again – Mum I need your help....

As a motivator for trying something other than sewing I have bought a copy of June at Noon’s embroidery pattern. Gretchen embroidered this house for the Quilt Project that I was part of. Will start it over the weekend – It might take me months but I’m in need of a non sewing challenge! Go check out June at Noon - it's a lovely little shop and there are some lovely giveaways on her blog too!


  1. Cherry, I hope you'll find the creative boost you're looking for. And I'm looking forward to seeing your dollhouse as it comes around. Happy stitching!

  2. Hi my dear Cherry Blossom - I have patterns for us all ready to go - wont be long now xxxxxxxx
    ps I unpick too - everything

    "I sew therefore I unpick" - Like that one