Monday, November 09, 2009

Plans for Christmas…

Christmas is all about spending time with family (of course) but when you’re a couple that are driving distance from both families how do you decided where you spend lunch and dinner?

Growing up we spread Christmas over two days. Christmas day with one family, Boxing day with the other. Then on the next year we swapped. It worked out well especially because both mum and dad come from big families, one of 7 (Mum) and one of 6 (Dad). That makes for huge Christmas lunches 2 days in a row and 30+ cousins total. It was great fun – swimming in the pool, present swapping and eating til you were busting.

These days though I have to consider MrG’s family too, which is no problem at all – I love them dearly however the domino effect is that their respective families need to also be considered (again totally fine) and so on…. When I think about it if you follow the chain total strangers end up effecting where one might spend Christmas day… A funny thought really.

This year’s timetable is:
  • Breakfast at our place with Mum & Dad, my brother and his girlfriend
  • Lunch with MrG’s family including his sister, husband and baby girl. It’s the first Christmas with the next generation – so exciting!
  • Supper/Drinks/Dinner at my Aunts to see my Grandma and Grandpa and cousins that are here from all over the world.
It will be a big day but it’s worth it – I love Christmas! Lucky I do too as we do lunch again the next day with Dad’s family. If you need me on the 27th I’ll be lying down!

The photos above are from my Kikki-K purchase that arrived today! Love it!


  1. Kikki K's stuff is gorgeous ... I walk past one of their stores several times a day.

    I'm starting work on a few Christmassy projects myself soon and tags are a great thing to start with.

  2. This year we decided it was simply too hard to transport 4 kids and required paraphernalia to Sydney for Christmas, (we do one with his and one with mine - it's a bit stressy), so we're doing it at home! It's just us (which is a bit wierd, I do like sharing with all the cousins) but it's also almost too exciting to contemplate the freedom - what to eat, how to decorate, if we should invite extras... and to not over-idealise my plans and to make sure the kids a big part of it. And all the mags proclaim their secrets to a 'stress free Christmas'. It's so nice to read that you just love Christmas and that any effort is worth it. Hear hear.