Saturday, November 14, 2009

reaching the limit..

Well it seems that 7 days of 40+ is my limit! I'm hot, grumpy, sweaty, tired and in general not so nice to be around...

Thursday night while cleaning the BBQ I got grease all over my only summer nightie/house dress. I've washed it but no luck - still ruined.

MrG and I are trying to save for a house so I though instead of buying a new nightie I'd try making one, I can sew, right?! I had seen pillowcases turned in to nighties but turns out that must only be for children and people of smaller builds... When I cut the bottom open just to see how it fitted it got stuck on my hips... had to get MrG to help me pry it off! Not a confidence booster you can be sure...

So then I thought I'd try and cut a new nightie off the ruined one. Also a disaster... you know measure twice cut once - well I just cut... Did I mention the heat is making me crazy?! Another piece of fabric ruined and the bad mood has set in...

So I've tidied the house, Heat also makes me claustrophobic! and shut the sewing room door. I'm not going back in there until either the heat or the mood has shifted.

Tomorrows post will be far more cheery - promise!



  1. Aww Cherry that sounds like a cruddy day! If it makes you feel any better I spent the day laying about in our new wading pool and am now quite burnt. oops! Rest up luv and have a nice long snooze, tomorrow is a new day x

  2. oh darling you are hot - i'm not even going to tell you about where I am and what we are doing suffice it to say it has to do with ocean and cold beer on the nsw coast.
    Tracey's idea of a wading pool is good - that's how we used to get by when i was a child - and remember there were seven of us - in and out of that wading pool and living in our bathers lots of love xxx

  3. It sure was the week for it! I also reached my limit and have spent some time reassessing how I spend my time and the pressures I place on myself. Thank goodness for my cooler it is about the only thing that has kept me sane! Hope you are feeling better now xx

  4. Oh Cherry, I hope you have some cooler days in your forecast for this week. Sounds like a crappy time but at least the house is tidy. I hope you have a happier week this week.

  5. Hi Cherry, Try washng your nightie in dishwashing liquid (rub the dishwashing liguid into the stains first) and warm water, Shannon Lush also suggests soaking the item in baby oil first if it is heavily stained. Worth a try before you throw it away.
    Hopefully I'll get to Brown owls again on the 25th. I've had no luck finding a babysitter for the last couple. Emma.