Tuesday, November 24, 2009

moving home with all my toys - by cathy

I am packing up all my crafty/art things today - my 'longer' stay in canberra is over - its been a very creative time - i will be making shorter visits back to Canberra next year - so i need all my 'TOYS' where i will be mainly living - Adelaide - yah !! - I will have to get used to bringing smaller projects back and forward to canberra - i have tried to pack projects already - see the quilt bag photo - i put in some photos of my sewing things all packed - then i thought wow i can see the top of my sewing table so thought you might all like to see that too


  1. Love your sewing table! See you tomorrow night, yeehar.

  2. Brilliant sewing table and wonderful projects made with great fabric on top... I wanna a closer look!