Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perfect weather for making

It's raining here today - a lot! I'm lucky though that this is the first day that haven't needed to leave the house. Well that's not entirely true - I did have to time my visit to the supermarket but that's all.

Yesterday I hit the jackpot with embroidered doilies at a few ops shops on the way home from my acupuncture appointment. For $10 I scored enough to make all of these!

Here are some closer shots of some of my favourites.These little flowers remind me of the flowers in the garden from the house I grew up in.
I just love the blue in this little one. And just for fun here are some silly photos of me taken today. I've been wanting to make sure that I have some photos of me pregnant. Just a bit of fun really. I look like I'm in the shower with clothes on... And here is my 'I'm a little teapot' pose!


  1. Ah pregnancy photos! I have loads from the bathroom as it had the best light, but I quickly learned how to photoshop out all the fittings (especially the toilet!)
    Here's the compilation I did for my Daisy pregnancy -

  2. All beautiful as are you sweet heart xxxx

  3. Gorgeous buttons. So lovely!

    ... and what a great tea-pot pose. If it is anything to go on you're going to be a wonderful mother.

  4. cute love the hat and scarf combo :)