Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How many is enough?

So far I've made 6 bibs for the baby. They are so cute that I think I could keep sewing for days before getting bored of them.

Today was my second day of maternity leave. Feels totally surreal to be on maternity leave - and to think that I read today that at the end of this week the baby is considered full term - sheesh!
Mr G says bring it on. He's tired of waiting! Suddenly thought I've decided I'm right here for a bit - what in goodness name do I know about looking after a baby?! I've read up about birth and labour and am totally OK with that but sleeping, feeding etc... I'm hoping it's on the job training.


  1. Ah bibs. I still have some pristine ones that I made when I was pregnant with Daisy. I gave up on using bibs when she was tiny - my kids like to spew in such great volumes that a bib is rendered useless! :)
    It's quite an awesome thought when you look at someone's newborn baby and realise you have something that looks pretty much the same tucked up in your body. And don't worry too much about the on the job training. Babies are a hell of a lot more tolerant and forgiving than most bosses. As long as you feed them and keep them safe they'll love you no matter how long it takes you to work out what the heck you are doing!

  2. The bibs are darling and yes you learn as you go but it's exciting and fun x

  3. Keep the bibs coming, Cherry!! Liam was going through about 10 a day when he started teething, and slobbering everywhere!
    I think motherhood is actually a never-ending apprenticeship - the pay is lousy and it goes on forever!!! Apart from that, its pretty fabulous!

  4. I agree with the others. You do learn as you go. Remember... babies are born soft and squishy for a reason.... they bounce! Only joking. Don't worry, the boss (aka, the baby) won't fire you too soon. You're the only employee/mummy he/she's got!