Monday, August 30, 2010

A parcel arrived

A parcel arrived today! I love snail mail and even more so when I'm home to receive it rather than having to wait until the parcel is back at the post office ready to be picked up.

Today's parcel was a gift from a friend who lives in London and has recently purchased a sewing machine. It was a lovely surprise! A handmade blanket for the baby, one of the first things to be made with her new machine. A letter accompanied the blanket explaining..

"Maybe since you are so good at these things you were wrong person to sew for but I have tried. It was nice sewing away and thinking about the baby as I did it."
I just love it - handmade things are so special and being a crafty person I know the time and effort that goes into sewing a gift.

Thanks Sarah! It will be treasured x x

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