Friday, August 13, 2010


I never thought I'd spend my few weeks of before the baby arrives 'nesting' but I guess I've proven myself wrong considering that today I've washed out the cutlery trays in the draws and cleaned the microwave, inside, outside and underneath (very gross..)!

Also trying to stick to the rule, 'if you see a spiderweb you have to clean it up - not think I'll do that later'. So far it's 5 out of 5 for me.
Yesterday I washed all the white things we have for Little G. They looked so sweet hanging to dry and next to Mr G's shirts they look super tiny!

We've never been a household that irons anything but again the nesting has kicked in and this afternoon I've decided to iron all the whites that were washed. Might have something to do with the lovely ironing board cover I picked up while op-shopping today.

So that's 5 days down of leave and not once have I been bored! I could get very use to this.


  1. Nest away... but please do stop and have a day of pure relaxation because it will be the last in a long time. So sit. Enjoy and charge those batteries ready for the most wonderful ride of your life.

  2. The weeks before your baby is born is soooo precious - so you use your days however you want - hey what op-shop did you go to? x