Friday, August 27, 2010

Little birds

I've had a picture of the mobile that I wanted to make for the baby in my head for - hmm longer than the baby has been a bump in my belly!

I bought the photo hanging frame from eBay and made 10 Mister Blue Birds from the Spool pattern to hang on it.
I had to rejig the way the mobile hung as all 8 of the birds were on the same level and it all looked a bit crowded but now that's done and it's hanging I'm thrilled!
The baby's room is looking lovely now - The chair in the picture was a present from Mum. She covered it herself. It's just what I wanted!

On the baby front - we had an appointment with the Dr yesterday and the little monkey has gone from engaged a month ago to now not engaged... Ho Hum... have to say it kind disappointed me. It's very hard to not feel like It's because I've done or not done something. Of course sensible me knows it's nothing to do with that but it's still a bit of a disappointment.


  1. It's hard not to focus on every little detail when it's your first baby. You may not think there is room but they still move around quite a bit in those last few weeks. I know of a few breech babies that actually did a full 180 degrees (ending up head down) in the last week of pregnancy!
    And I love that bird pattern too. I made a bunch and hot glue gunned them to some sticks from the garden to make a mobile for Felix. And then when the mobile broke I hot glue gunned them all to the front fence. :)

  2. Love hearing about and seeing, all of your nesting and preparations for the arrival of your baby. It is a very special time, and I can tell you are enjoying it Hope all goes well with the birth xx

  3. How beautiful - that mobile is the sweetest and brightest one I have ever seen I think! I love it. Well done, and the bub's room is looking even more lovely than before. Sending your baby telepathic wishes of 180 degree turns xxx