Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gifts for friends

All of a sudden I have all the time in the world to spend making gifts! It's fantastic!

A friend went on a very long oversea trip recently and gave me all her Frankie magazines (20 of them!) So exciting! About 10 of them left me with doubles so I've been having a lovely time cutting up the spare ones to use on cards for friends. I made this card the other day.

I've also been spending time making earring and brooches for friends as gifts. The earrings below went to a friend on the weekend, along with a brooch I forgot to photograph and the brooch below will be off to another friend after I've made the rest of the present.

I really love making gifts for people but find that when I finally get to give them the present a feeling washes over me that it's a 'handmade gift', like I'm being cheap. Now I know that's rubbish - personal gifts are wonderful! But... still each time I feel like I should accompany the gift with 'I made it' like it's a flaw in the gift rather than extra special.

Anyone else suffer this?


  1. I just love handmade gifts but I know that feeling when you you give one - particularly to people that dont make things - but I plod on with my handmade cards, wrapping paper and gifts and hope people can feel the love - keep the tradition going my darling x

  2. Oh yeah I know the feeling. It's so silly. But the new wave of interest in handmade helps add value to what we make.

  3. God Yes I feel like that all the time. I dont think it goes away...but more than not the present is loved.

  4. I know the feeling too, and a friend once mentioned that she'd never make anything for me because I'd be able to make it better! Arrghh! I LOVE handmade! I PREFER handmade! I want to give handmade and I want to receive handmade! Anyone can buy something, but to have something unique made for you - now THAT's a gift.
    Having said that, there are a few people in my life that are on the 'gift voucher' list. They'll just never get it. So I no longer 'waste' my time.