Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pins & Needles - by Cathy

I decided it was a about time I recycled my old pincushion (filled with sawdust) to the new one I bought the other day at the Goodwood market - Stitcharooney
Any way while I was in the process of transferring the pins I started to find needles that had managed to push all the way through. I had pulled all the pins out then I started to feel around and decided I might recycle the saw-dust and while transferring the saw-dust to the jar out came all the needles!!!!!!!!!!!!
154 needles and 5 sewing machine needles! Wow I wont need to buy needles for a while.
When all that was complete I cut away the fabric and now I have to think of something to do with those lovely little people that looked after my pins and needles for all those years.


  1. Oh Cathy - I am still laughing over this! I can't believe you had that many lost in the pincushion!