Sunday, December 06, 2009

Birthday surprises continue

Sunday was a cultural delight - we started at the National Gallery seeing the Masterpieces from Paris and then had lunch at the National Portrait gallery. This was followed by hearing Reg Mombassa launching his new book. It was fabulous hearing him talk about his own paintings - we then went back to the national gallery for another look at those amazing Musee d'orsay paintings - i have up loaded some of my favourites.
This is Reg's new book cover
Reg's little ode to xmas
I love the patterning in the sea and on the mast - this is by Maurice Denis

I just have a thing about paintings of people sleeping - by Edouard Vuillard ( the lino cut Tony gave me was called 'afternoon nap')

This was amazing - i have only ever seen a photo - it looked like it was painted yesterday - so vibrantStarry Night OMG !!!! I have never really been a huge Vincent fan but I certainly am now !!!
Have had the most wonderful birthday this year.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Cathy. What a wonderful birthday weekend you had! I absolutely love Reg. I'm sure you know he is a New Zealander!!!! See you on Wednesday. andy