Friday, December 18, 2009

MOCCA, Molly Mae Rose ,Moving & Making by Cathy

MOCCA - this was a lovely little market I went to in Manuka (Canberra) at the Child Care Centre - here's just a quick glance at some of the lovely stalls

This is Posie's beautiful stall - I stood for ages looking and chatting - got some stunning fabric - but cant show - sshhh - xmas presents
I went specifically to look at this stall - two Canberra Brown Owls - Poppy,Bean and Bloss and Button Tree Lane - just stunning ladies - and yes i did buy things - one I will show later and the other - yes another pressie

I just loved these lamps from The Owls are Hunting :( no money left

OMG - dino tails what fun from Mr Mudge
Yes here's my new toy - Molly from Poppy, Bean and Bloss - she came with her name another set of clothes all packed beautifully in a calico bag. I have lengthened her name just a little to Molly Mae Rose (back when i was pregnant with my son (William Thomas Elliot) this was the girls name I had planned - she is well and truly loved by all.
ps my husband picked her out!!! what a softie....

I am so hoping I can pin someone down for 30minutes or so to help me decorate the tree - its no where near as much fun doing it by yourself - i'll show you at the finished product..

My crafting/painting space all ready to be unpacked - back from Canberra - I will show you the finished product...
These are the calico xmas trees waiting to go on printed red card - I needed my bits and pieces that were packed in the boxes - all good - once unpacked ready to go - I'll show you the finished product - whoa I betting get cracking the day is flying by


  1. Wow - what a post - so many beautiful things! I love love love Molly, she's the most beautiful doll I've ever seen.
    The Christmas tree cards look like they are going to be very pretty.
    I'll be over in the morning if you want help with the tree x

  2. It was so lovely to see another friendly face at the market! Thank you for visiting!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! See you in the new year!