Monday, December 14, 2009

if only I'd thought of it 11 years ago

I had a very delayed eureka moment last Friday. 11 years to late (if your counting). ..
When was filling out my Uni applications 11 years ago I thought of things like Mathematician, Chemist, Accountant, Programmer.
What I should have thought of was, Home Ec teacher! Now that I've thought of it I can not believe I missed it. What have I been doing for all these years (writing Software Requirement documents...) when I should have been here 'Bachelor of Education (Design and Technology Education) - Home Economics'.
At school I remember being asked What do you like to do... How did I not answer, cook, sew, be health and teach people... I'd like to shake 17 year old me by the shoulders so I don't miss the point.
Any way - it's now on the one day list, or maybe the before I'm 40 (12 years to go) list... At the moment there are other things that need to be done. Working 9-5 saving for a house, thinking about a family (!)
I did however email the coordinator to see if it's possible to study some of the course part time/external. I think that's the only way I'll get there by the 40 deadline.
---post edit---
Of course - I wouldn't change the last 11 years, it's how I got here now and well if I hadn't been writing Software Requirements I'd never have met MrG and become MrsG. Now I'm getting sappy... G'nite all


  1. Just popping by while my dinner cooks. Mark isnt home this week :( Anyhow - I am so glad you are looking into a career in teaching. I can't rave about teaching enough! You may be able to use the studies you did in uni as General Studies topics, and recieve credit for them - bonus!

    ps: i'm liking the 'thinking about a family' comment too!

  2. great thinking honey - hey whats 11 years - besides it has been important that you have done 'exactly' what you have done over the last 11 years to get to this point - now you are ready !!!
    lots of love mum xxx

  3. It's never to late for a career change and teaching is perfect for when you have littlies - you get the holidays off to spend with them! I'm the same as you - it took me a loooong time to figure out what I should be doing (currently doing a Social Work degree) and I wish my 17 year old self knew what my 30+ year old self knows!
    Also - you were so patient and clear teaching me crochet so I think you would be an excellent teacher.

  4. Yeeessss! I had that exact same moment a couple of months ago... because that's like not work at all - that is just fun! I got all excited checked it all out, but then got a bit dodged out about my skill levels in sewing. Let me know how you get on. But btw - it would be the prefect thing to train for if you are thinking about a family, with childcare not being a problem during holidays etc.