Monday, April 12, 2010

turns out I can knit

Yes after going on (and on) about how I'm a crochet girl I tried my hand at knitting. A friend inspired me after she told me she taught herself to sew a zip in using youtube.
A week or so ago I learnt how to cast on (although I seemed to have invented my own 'special way' since...). Over the next week I practiced rows of purl and plain and can now recognise what row I'm up to if I have to put the knitting down to cook, eat, sleep or go to work.

While at Grandma's for Easter Sunday mum showed me how to fix up dropped or added stitches (with a crochet hook - I DO like that bit).

Finally when at the fabric shop S*******t (agh that place makes me CRAZY) while waiting 30 minutes for them to refund the $10 they had charged (yes charged) me for the birthday voucher I was trying to redeem (bunch of rocket scientists they are...) I picked up a simple pattern for a scarf that had a V made from purl and plain. I'm very chuffed with my progress. It did take me a while to get the hang of bringing the wool to the front or the back when changing to and from purl and plain.
Check it out!


  1. you are doing brilliantly, well done!!!!

  2. It looks fabulous Cherry - congratulations on entering the wonderful world of knitting - you're a chip off the block i'm proud to say xx