Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maternity Clothes

I'm starting to get used to the idea of maternity clothes. My clothes are just starting to not fit quite right. Skirts still do up but under my ribs which is not very comfortable or flattering. My skinny jeans are way too tight to do up and although I could probably manage it's probably some form of child abuse to wear them.

On the weekend I went through my wardrobe and put all the things that fit up one end and all the things that don't up the other. At the moment it's about half/half but I can see it's going to become a case of reviewing each week.

I bought a pair of Mavi maternity jeans on the weekend. My giddy aunt are they comfortable!Everyone should own a pair for those days that waists dig in! Super excited about them as they were half price, dark denim, skinny leg and fit my butt. They are nothing like I would have expected to feel in maternity clothes. I feel excellent!

I picked up this today from TopShop online. I could not resist it - I mean it's just the sweetest cardi I've seen and with conversion rates like they are including postage from the UK it was just over $50.

With the volcano debacle in the UK I'm sure it will take a while to get to me but I can wait - it's well worth it.

I've felt the baby kick a bit now, at least I think that's what the feelings are. It's such a lovely feeling. Like little reminders that there is a little person on the way and that they are 'doing good growing' as we say in our house.


  1. I bought a pair of Topshop maternity cargo pants when I was in London and pregnant with Daisy. Super expensive but lasted through three pregnancies so I figure they were worth it. :)
    Have fun with maternity clothes, I always enjoyed dressing up my bump. Ottobre Woman magazine does great maternity patterns so let me know if you feel in the mood to do some sewing for yourself.

  2. Oooh lucky you! Good maternity clothing find Cherry. A friend claims Bonds do an incredible maternity singlet top :)