Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Melting Moments

Part of the Public Holiday was spent baking Melting Moments inspired by my dear friend Marcia. Marcia use to look after me when I was a little girl and we spent many afternoons baking these biscuits and eating the mixture (well I ate the mixture.. 3 year olds do that!)

Thanks for all the fun afternoons Marc! x


  1. Thanks so much Cherry.Those days were special to me too.Ive got a little parcel to send you-some vintage crochet patterns for bags,purses etc.Hope it can inspire you all over again.xx

  2. Yum to the bickies ... and totally cute tea cosy. On my screen it matches the bickie icing!

  3. I love the pink filling, yum yum. Care to share the recipe?