Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Stash

I thought I'd share with you some of the fab presents I received this year. Just what a crafty girl wanted - I must have been a very good girl in 2009!
Floss from my grandparents - so pretty!
Books from MrG's parents - I LOVE the covers (promise I'll read them one day too)
Golden Books from Mum and Dad - plus a copy of Heidi which was my favourite when I was little.
Cal Patch's book - Design It Yourself Clothes. I'm busting to start some of the projects in this book. Imagine.. patterns that really fit ... me!
So glad to have this week off work too - we arrived home from Sydney on Sunday night and are now looking forward to a week of chilling out at home, movies (Fantastic Mr Fox & the Lovely Bones), the beach and a few special dinners with friends.
Will post more soon - inc Sydney snaps and my trip to Tessuti!


  1. What wonderful pressies ... I love that floss, I've seen those books around and they are so gorgeous ... what a lucky baby you are!

  2. Ooh the Lovely Bones was scary. I liked the book but not the movie.

  3. Looks like a good bunch! You can't go wrong with crafty things for Christmas, either. ;) Enjoy!

  4. oooh lucky you!
    I am so keen to get my hands on that design-it-yourself book!
    And I got two of same pretty from my Mister! Emma and Wuthering Heights!
    Have you seen the Alice Through the Looking Glass? It has pink flamingoes on it!