Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Stitchin'

I seem to have lost my mojo for craft at the moment. Not sure if it's the heat or being back at work but the need/desire to get busy making is absent.

With the little motivation I have though my hands have been stitching this while watching the tennis.
The aim is to have it complete by Monday so the Australia Open can be watched stitching the eco tote I bought from Sublime Stitching. I purchased this one just in time as they were limited edition and are now all gone!
When the craftiness fairy visits again I'm planning to join in on Pip's Granny A Day 2010. I'd like to make a cotton granny square blanket.


  1. wow this is uncanny! I too have lost my mojo but have just traced a stitchery to do while watching the tennis, I also signed up for Pip's Crochet School just a few minutes ago, I am determined to master crochet after many many trys over the years

  2. Heat and returning to work ... that's enough to kill any mojo.

  3. Hey hon we all need to get our mojo working x x