Thursday, September 17, 2009

Will I ever learn...

Last night I decided that at 9:30pm I still had enough energy for some craft time so I decided to cut out the pattern for the Super Cute Tote by Jennie McClelland in Meet Me at Mike's

In true 'Cherry' style.. gulp... I'm a little lazy... I cut the pattern out and then decided there was no need to pin anything to fabric.. If I just held the pattern down I could cut slowly around. This is even more ridiculous as the pins were two steps away... I was lucky this time as it worked out...

HOWEVER.. When I turned the fabric over to the right side I realised I'd cut my beautiful Aunty Cookie Knit One fabric with the writing going the wrong way one the bag. When will I ever learn to slow down! Honestly, I'm forever doing things like this and so far in 28 years I've never learnt.

I did the same thing with the pattern for the Seahorse softie I made. First I cut out the pattern then I read the instruction and the first one was... Do not cut out the paper pattern. Trace the pattern on to pattern paper... Oh well

I'll keep going with the bag and use it as a reminder to slow down...

Cherry x

ps - Adelaide Brown Owls - the next meeting has been posted - get the details here

1 comment:

  1. lol.. that'll learn ya.

    Btw, we adore the exact same fabric. I got mine from Little Bird last weekend. You'll have a ball there!

    oh, i also experience late night craft-energy.