Saturday, September 05, 2009

Crafty Hermit

Yes I have been crafting away and forgetting about sharing - Cherry was just about to send a hurry up blog - and one of my dear friends called Cherry to see if I was alright (thanks Marc xx) Well I guess the truth is I am process driven and not product driven so often my end products end up in charity shops (well the ones i'm not that happy with) or are given as gifts (the ones i like and want to share) mmmm I think my age is letting me down here with my excuses - blogging is still not coming naturally as a part of my day - mmmm another excuse - i just dont have routines - Cherry says - just photograph Mum - well what ever I write I'm sure some of have been there at some time so here's some of the things I made
- little gifts for Cherry when I met her in Sydney
Here I am half way through making a cover for my laptop - Fabric wrapped over thick plastic

As you can tell from Cherry's previous blogs we have had some great fun out and about at the Paddington Market, down William st (they had a street party), the Sydney Stitches and Craft fair and at the Powerehouse museum seeing the coral - see Cherry's previous blogs for more info.
I came back with head full of ideas and was confronted with the numerous projects unfinished - I have been plodding through a crochet project - third time lucky I hope - it is a crocheted cardigan - that is made from the neck down - you can determine the length of the sleeves and the cardigan by the amount of wool you have - its a beauty but I just had to get the size right - my advice - do exactly as the pattern says - dont assume you know better - see Michelle's Chevron Lace Cardigan (scroll down her blog to see the finished cardigan ) - I'm making mine with 3/4 sleeves. I shall post a photo of mine asap.


  1. Cathy, it's nice to hear from what your up to over yonder, what your crafting (did you make that sausage dog? I adore him/her... where did that pattern come from? I'd love to make one) and your feelings towards blogging. I am enjoying your blog... just blog when you feel it necessary. See you Wednesday! Take care x Trace

  2. I agree with Cherry - photograph and the blog post will follow.

  3. Dear Cath now I see what you have been up to im totally reassured(and a tad envious)that you're not just hibernating in Canberra!I love all your goodies especially the felt necklace-gorgeous.I still havent started the scarf yet but its still on the 'to do' list.don't stress about the blog-I enjoy what you write when you do xx