Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creative Space = Kitchen Table

My creative space tonight is the kitchen table and I'm making an Apple Pincushion from the pattern and kit I picked up from Craftapalooza.

My husband doesn't get why I craft here and not in the sewing room. See I've managed to fill up the sewing room with too much stash and now there is no room for doing things. Plus there are not enough hours in the day for me to craft and have a tidy sewing room so something had to give.
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Mum's here this weekend from Canberra which is lovely. Those of you wondering why she hasn't been posting - Well I borrowed her camera but will be giving it back tomorrow (mine is fixed!) so hopefully she'll be sharing all her new creations soon.
Mum returned with the most lovely brooch for me!

The pattern is from here. I guess it's a bit naughty of me to share Mum's craft but I can't help it - it's too cute!
Friday tomorrow - Fantastic!


  1. I love your reason for not using the crafting room. The owl is very sweet and he looks friendly too. Cherrie

  2. The same reason I hardly use my sewing room. I'm hoping to rectify that in the new place. x