Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hipsta Hooked

Have you seen Hipstamatic the iphone app that allows you to create photos with different effects.
Mr G would say I'm a Hipsta Duffus but I'm hooked!
It's been all about staying out of the heat at the Bright Red Cherries house. Even the sewing room is too hot to go in to so instead I've been cutting out bibs in preparation for sewing. I've also been working on a few more ideas for products to have on my market stall. So far I've got my brooches and bibs plus key rings. I'm hoping to add eye masks and I'd like to come up with a shape for a mobile.
Was a bit disappointed to find that Bowerbird stalls are $500 at a minimum... Oh well bit much for Bright Red Cherries so early on in the piece. On the up side I had though that Lollipop markets were booked out for 2011 but turns out they aren't so I'll get sewing and set up my next stall at Fullarton Craft and Plant so that I can take some photos to go with my submission.
If you have any tips for me I'd love to hear them. I'm so new to all this!
For those that do have tips for markets I'll have a bit of a give away. Add a comment and then in a weeks time I'll pick names out of a hat for one of my brooches. You can pick the brooch you want from my Bright Red Cherries Shop Now shop.

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  1. Tips for having a market stall (as if I'm an expert! LOL):
    * Always have business cards with you
    * Smile, chat, compliment the kiddies
    * Don't be afraid to talk with your customers. They are just people and you may inadvertently mention something they are interested in and didn't know about you.
    * Have sizing clearly displayed and prices clearly displayed. Customers may not necessarily ask if it's not obvious.
    * Have a folder with you with examples of prior work/fabrics you have available.

    Hope they help Cherry!