Sunday, May 09, 2010

Postpack full of treasures

Just finished round 1 of Mothers Day. We had a picnic in the back yard with a build your own burger station and pavlova for dessert. MrG has taken lots of photos to record the day so when he's sorted through them I'll pick some to share with you.

For now though I wanted to share the beautiful pack of scraps I picked up from the badskirt website. The second I saw her post about selling her scraps I knew I had to be in on it - Amy uses beautiful fabrics that often leave me drooling over her blog and shop too. Here was the chance to own my own little collection. Hurrah!
I'm going to make an Owl for our little baby (kicking me as I type) from some of these gems.
To all the Mum's hope you've had a lovely day!


  1. They look like a beautiful quilt ready to go - also you know what i love reading your blog its like getting to konw another side of my beautiful daughter that I would never see or read x

  2. By the way I had a perfect mothers day - thanks darling - cant wait to share next year with you x x