Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Creative Space

Inspired by a friend I decided it was about time I rejoined the My Creative Space meme hosted by the lovely Kootoyoo.

Of course there are always a few projects on the go at our place but the one I'm really enjoying is making the Star Wars crochet characters. Here is the finished Chewie.

Next I'm going to start his co-pilot Han. Can't have one without the other after all. The patterns I purchased from etsy are excellent - the detail on each piece is amazing. The Chewie is made from Angora - super soft and is brushed quite firmly once finished to achieve the fluffy look

Next on the needles once the jumper is complete is this hoodie for the baby. I just couldn't resist how cute the picture is!Thanks for stopping by!


  1. hi cherry,what a great job you've done as a new knitter-straight into it!That photo is definitely cute and the jumper will be look even better on your own cutie,love marc x

  2. chewie is so very ace. i must remember to show my kids, they are huge star wars fans and will love him