Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new diary

I've had my eye on the 365 journal in the new KikkiK store in Adelaide. Even since I saw it I've loved the idea of keeping a journal off my 29th year (starting end of April on my birthday). However MrG and I are try to live off one wage at the moment so things like that are not on the 'need' list.
Instead I've covered a spirex notebook with fabric I picked up at Stitches and Craft last August. I'm thrilled with the result! Though it doesn't have the chic look of the KikkiK version it is covered in some of my favourite fabric and makes me smile each time I look at it. Plus being spirex if I write something I'm not happy with (my spelling is terrible on the best days...) I can tear out the page. I guess that's not true journal style but it suits me!

I got the idea from a tutorial I saw recently but for the life of me I can't find the link... sorry. It was a very nifty idea though using double sided interface (is that what it's called?)

Think I'll offer this idea as a Brown Owls project this year.


  1. That looks beautiful Cherry - I thought you were going to say you bought it - on the inside you could choose a contrasting fabic - cut it with pinking shears and glue it with craft glue - just a thought - you know me

  2. It looks great! I too have been eyeing off the kikki k version but have not been able to justify it.